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Special prices for 2 persons – 2021

Low Season prices apply during times that not count as High Season, week 2 – w.7, w.10 – w.17, w.19 – w.24, w.33 – w.39 and w.41 – w.51.
Note! “Rättvik’s markets” count as “High season”(1st week in May & 1st week in October).
NOTE! Special prices do NOT apply during Easter holiday.

Rent of bed-linen including towels: 150 SEK/person.
Cleaning upon departure:2-3 bed 410 SEK, 4-bed 540 SEK, 5-6 bed houses 695 SEK,

*To see the entire table, turn your device.

All prices in SEKone weekweekend
2 nights
Lower Village
4-bed type F5,3 0001 260500645
4-bed type F6,3 1201 260520670
5-bed type F73 5401 460590775
6-bed type F7/F83 5401 460590775
6-bed type F9-F103 5401 460590775
East Village
4-bed type F5, F122 8501 230475625
5-bed type F133 3301 420555725
6-bed type F133 3301 420555725
6-bed, renov. nr.553 9601 650660840

The price list apply from 01.06.2021 to 22.12.2021

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