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Low Season prices 2021

Low Season prices apply during times that not count as High Season.
Note! “Rättvik’s markets” count as “High season”(1st week in May & 1st week in October).

Rent of bed-linen including towels: 150 SEK/person. Extra bed: 300 SEK/week or 50 SEK/day.
Cleaning upon departure:2-3 bed 410 SEK, 4-bed 540 SEK, 5-6 bed houses 695 SEK.

*To see the entire table, turn your device.

all prices in SEKone weekWeekendother weekdayssingle
Lower Village
2-bed type F32 4601 080410540
3-bed type F42 6701 170445585
4-bed type F5,3 4801 510580755
4-bed type F63 6001 570600785
5-bed type F74 2901 880715940
6-bed type F7-F84 5901 990765995
6-bed type F9-F104 5901 990765995
East Village
3-bed type F112 3401 030390515
4-bed type F5, F123 0301 340505670
5-bed type F134 0801 730680865
6-bed type F134 3801 840730920
6-bed, renov. nr.554 9502 0708251 035

During low season special prices  for 2 persons apply when renting a cottage with 4 or more beds and for 1 person renting a cottage with 3 or more beds. See our complete pricelist.
The price list apply from 06.01.2021 until 22.12.2021.

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